Social Security 'IT Boondoggle' - Cost so far $300 million

Our local newspaper had an interesting article written by the The Associated Press. The following are the highlights.

Six years ago Social Security Administration determined it was time to replace computer systems overwhelmed by a flood of disability claims. So far the cost totals $300 million.

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KYI (Keeping You Informed) Government Blast !!

It wasn’t long ago, the government mandated car manufacturers produce cars that got better gas mileage. Do you remember this? I do.The car manufacturers complied, the new model cars got better gas mileage, and the consumers started buying those autos. After all, we all wanted to save money when it came to buying gas. Of course, less gas consumption – meant the price of gas went up. Surprise, Surprise!!!

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Scrabblers new words have been addded

Selfie, bromance, and chillax are just three of the new words. "The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary" came out August 11th with 5,000 words new words.

The new words added about 40 pages to the dictionary. Players have fun!!

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