Louise Pelzl’s writing has been at the top of her bucket list (writing as Z. Minor) since reaching a mile stone birthday. She currently is a member of Kansas Authors Club (KAC), Kansas Writers Association (KWA), and Pratt Area Writers Society (PAWS). ZMinor

KYI (Keeping You Informed) Government Blast !!

It wasn’t long ago, the government mandated car manufacturers produce cars that got better gas mileage. Do you remember this? I do. The car manufacturers complied, the new model cars got better gas mileage, and the consumers started buying those autos. After all, we all wanted to save money when it came to buying gas.

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Writing Something New

As a soon to be new published author it was pointed out to me I needed to become active on social media. I started reading everything I could find about my soon to be new venture. How it can and will impact my success as a writer. Someone mentioned I had to have a platform.

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