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Autumn leaves – Fall is just around the corner

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Selfie, bromance, and chillax are just three of the new words. “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary” came out August 11th with 5,000 words new words. The new words added about 40 pages to the dictionary. Players have fun!!

It wasn’t long ago, the government mandated car manufacturers produce cars that got better gas mileage. Do you remember this? I do.

The car manufacturers complied, the new model cars got better gas mileage, and the consumers started buying those autos. After all, we all wanted to save money when it came to buying gas. Of course, less gas consumption – meant the price of gas went up. Surprise, Surprise!!!

Now the highway trust fund is at the risk of running out of money starting August 1, 2014 – that was just last week. Why you ask? It seems the fund isn’t receiving enough money from gasoline tax to supply highway funds to every state in the U.S.A. Many state projects will be hit hard and projects such as road construction, repair projects will have to be postponed, cancel, or just stay on the drawing boards.

You ask how did this happen? The answer can be found in three sentences. Thanks to the more efficient cars – remember the ones the government insisted be built. The price of a gallon of gas, which has kept travel down has affected the tax base. Since 2007, there has been a 6% decline in gasoline consumption.

There is a lot of posturing by the government on how this deficit can be fixed. I’ll just bet – since the gasoline tax hasn’t been raised since 1993 and the consumer price index has jumped 61% in the same time frame – the government will have to take some action. Either raise the gasoline tax or pass a law to outfit vehicles using public roads with GPS mileage tracking devices. The government will then start a whole new government agency for tracking, printing of yearly mileage bills, and hiring more federal employees. Sounds like one of their plans to me. What do you think????

According to an article written my Aimee Picchi – Yahoo Autos – end of June 2014. The nation’s transportation sector is facing a fiscal cliff.

On another note:

Oh and don’t forget – the government has stated the cost of living hasn’t gone up. Yet, every time I go to the grocery store, I get less groceries, and spend more money. What is wrong with this picture!??

Our local newspaper had an interesting article written by the The Associated Press. The following are the highlights.
Six years ago Social Security Administration determined it was time to replace computer systems overwhelmed by a flood of disability claims. So far the cost totals $300 million. There is no $$$ figure to determine how much more will be spend to complete this project. The new system is still two to three years away from being on line.
In the meantime people applying for disability claims face long delays, which were supposed to be reduced when the new computer system was done.
A consulting firm brought in to find out what went wrong discovered – Are you ready for what they found. I wasn’t.
No one single person was in charge – no one was responsible for completing the project!!!!
I wonder when I read or read the reports of Social Security running out of money. Is it because our government doesn’t care how Social Security money is being spend?? Really makes me question how out of touch are the people in Washington. How about you???

As a soon to be new published author it was pointed out to me I needed to become active on social media. I started reading everything I could find about my soon to be new venture. How it can and will impact my success as a writer. Someone mentioned I had to have a platform.
I found an article written by Brian A. Klems in the September issue of Writer’s Digest in the Questions and Quandaries column. “It is your personal ability to sell your books right this instant. Platform, simply put, is your visibility as an author,” says Chuck Sambuchino, author of Create Your Writer Platform (WD Books).
So the days of new authors sitting at their computers and just writing the next best seller are over. We must advertise our books and ourselves to the thousands of potential readers out in the world.
Publishers expect authors to build an audience before their book is published = social media. Of course there are many ways to do this; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goggle+, and many others. The author needs to pick the ones they prefer. This will most likely take time away from novel writing. However, it is necessary if we want to find readers for our books.
We must also be consistent in our social media posts, picking a posting schedule that is best for us. Most importantly give our potential readers a reason to follow us and hopefully buy our books.
Per Brian: “When should an author start building a platform? Immediately!”
This is the information I have found so far. Wonder what will be next on my agenda. Good luck to all of you. Happy Writing.