Unspoken Heroes Among US

Hero is a four letter word and should be used to define ordinary people around us more often.

There is no question that our soldiers, fireman and firewomen, police officers, sheriff deputies, highway patrol are heroes. Our world would be lost without them.

I want to take the time to discuss some unspoken heroes that live among us and are taken for granted. They don’t wear a uniform of any kind and walk among us every day.

The grandparents who for whatever reason take on the task of raising their grandchildren because the parents can’t. No judgement for the parents only praises for the grandparents, aunts and uncles or other family members who take on the daily job of raising a second, sometimes a third family.

The teachers who care more about the children in their classes than their parents. The teachers who make sure the kids know someone is interested in what happens to them now and in the future.

The people who donate clothing and food for those who don’t have the resources to fill their basic needs. Most towns have food closets – check out your location and give some canned goods. Not just at Christmas but all year. A can of food here and there will help more than you know. Have winter jackets your family has outgrown or no longer like or wear, hats, gloves you can donate them. Someone will be happy to wear them.

The volunteers who give their time and energy to help those less fortunate. Could be teaching someone how to read, doing their taxes, visiting the elderly. The list goes on and on. The humane societies need your help – can you walk a dog or pet an animal who hasn’t had much kindness in their lives.

 Be the person who stops and helps an elderly lady remove her coat in a crowded restaurant. The look on the lady’s face as she says thank you is worth the seconds it will take to assist her.

A smile, a thank you, and a please can make someone’s day. You can be a hero with a small amount of effort. Try it – you might start a new trend in yourself and others.