Social Security ‘IT Boondoggle’ – Cost so far $300 million

Our local newspaper had an interesting article written by the The Associated Press. The following are the highlights.
Six years ago Social Security Administration determined it was time to replace computer systems overwhelmed by a flood of disability claims. So far the cost totals $300 million. There is no $$$ figure to determine how much more will be spend to complete this project. The new system is still two to three years away from being on line.

In the meantime people applying for disability claims face long delays, which were supposed to be reduced when the new computer system was done.
A consulting firm brought in to find out what went wrong discovered – Are you ready for what they found. I wasn’t.
No one single person was in charge – no one was responsible for completing the project!!!!

I wonder when I read or read the reports of Social Security running out of money. Is it because our government doesn’t care how Social Security money is being spend?? Really makes me question how out of touch are the people in Washington. How about you???